Day 11

Day 11: Green River, Utah to Salt Lake City, UT

Distance: 178 miles

Time: 3 hrs

Song of the day: “Life is a Highway” (Tom Cochrane)

I arrived in Salt Lake City at about 11:30 Friday morning. I am pleased to report that the Precious Prize-winning Pickles have been Peacefully Placed with the Persnickety Pattersons (that alliteration is for all the Language Arts teachers out there!). The pickles are not prize-winning (but could be), nor are the Pattersons persnickety (but they could be). I will be staying with my cousin Leslie, and her husband John until Tuesday. The best attraction, however, is baby Emmett (9 mos). This child is absolutely adorable.


I have realized that there are 2 things that I say at each stopping point:

1)  Can I hop on your Wi-Fi? (The sign of a modern road trip)
2)  Oh, I think have that/some/one in my car! (The sign of a well-organized traveler)

Until next time!


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