Days 4 & 5

Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Day 4

Song of the Day:  “Purple Rain” (Prince & The Revolution)

*Double meaning dedication: for Prince, who hails from Minneapolis and

for Reina, who allowed me to stay in her room with the purple walls (Purple Reina!) 

My Friday morning started at 6:45 with Elle and Reina coming into the room I was sleeping in, and climbing in bed with me.  I played possum for about 1/2 an hour before I finally woke up.  I needed to be up early in order to get my car to Rudy Luther Toyota in Golden Valley for the 40,000 mile service.  After I talked to the girls for a little while, I hopped in the shower.  A few minutes into my shower I heard Beth say, “MC? Are you in the shower?  There is water coming through the dining room ceiling!” I quickly turned the shower off so that Beth could investigate.  With a simple adjustment of the shower curtain, the problem was solved.  Not a great way to start off a visit – it’s a good thing Beth and Marc like me (or they used to!).


Elle, Beth, Reina, Max and Marc

After my car was finished, Beth and I took a lovely walk around Lake of the Isles.  It was so great to be able to walk down the street and find not one, but two lakes! It was an absolutely beautiful fall day.  We picked Reina up at noon, and then had a girls lunch in Uptown.  I scheduled a haircut in the same area.  After that we hung out and waited for the big kids to get home.  I had a little time to talk to the kids before leaving to meet my friend Lori in Maple Grove.

Lori and I met in 1994 when I worked in San Mateo, California as a nanny.  Lori was also a nanny and we met through our mutual friend, Jennie.  The three of us became fast friends, had a lot of fun, and had some great California experiences. We went on a San Francisco Bay Halloween “Booze Cruise,” attended a Golden State Warriors basketball game, spent a weekend in Calistoga at a spa (that mud bath was weird!), and also went to San Diego.  The San Diego trip was memorable for many reasons, but I think it was the side trip to Tijuana that I will never forget.  We decided to go to a bull fight.  What a terribly depressing event.  I know that I am forgetting some events, but as I write, I am so grateful that Jennie and Lori helped to give me a wonderful year in California.

Lori and I also moved to Colorado the same year (1998).  That was so fun to be in the same area once again.  When Lori got married in August, 2003, Jennie and I were there to stand up with Lori.  What a beautiful weekend that was.  Lori and Tim were married in an apple orchard on the most perfect day.  How is it possible that I haven’t seen Lori since then?  We had a great time catching up on Friday evening.  Lori was so nice to take the time to meet me after she was done with work.  We spent 4 hours trying to catch up, and make sure that we didn’t forget anything.  I was so glad to see Lori, and it was great to hear her infectious laugh.  Lori has the kind of laugh that makes you want to keep making her laugh.  Love it!  It was such a fun evening.


with Lori

Day 5

Song of the Day:  “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (Bob Dylan)

*I learned that Bob Dylan is from Duluth, MN (thanks, Beth!)

Saturday morning, Reina came in at 5am, and climbed in bed with me, saying that she was cold.  I said, “Don’t you want to get in bed with Mommy and Daddy?” And away she went.  I know that Beth and Marc really appreciated that (ha!)!   We started our day by going to the Mill City Farmer’s Market in downtown Minneapolis, in order to prepare for the dinner party they were hosting that night.  What a great city!  I love that it feels like a small town.  We procured wonderful produce to create a very special dinner.


MC and Beth

After the farmer’s market, we went to Surdyk’s for the purchase of the adult beverages, and wonderful cheese.  That is a great store!  We took our loot back to the house, and then Beth and I headed out for a few things that couldn’t be found at the aforementioned locations.  We started prepping for our feast.  Guests arrived at 7.  It was so fun to meet Beth and Marc’s friends.  They have established a great group of friends in Minneapolis.  We had a feast consisting of ratatouille, roasted beets, flank steak, and fingerling potatoes.  For dessert we served Graeter’s (a little tribute to Ohio)!  What a fun evening!


Marc, Beth, and MC

It was such a great weekend.   Max, Elle and Reina are awesome kids.  I loved seeing what terrific little people they are becoming.  Beth and Marc have done an excellent job raising polite, respectful, fun, and charming children.  The fact that they are absolutely adorable, is a bonus!  I love that family.  It was hard to say goodbye, and I missed them immediately.

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